Zac McMillan makes music all by himself. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, his music reflects the rich music history of that city. From it's roots in blues and jazz to its punk and rap communities, Memphis has always been about making it work with what you have. Zac McMillan has always striven to make music for others no matter the limitations.

His new EP, entitled "You've Gotta Stop", an EP is a fun and and adventurous culmination of his work in vocal looping. Each song is built live with the use of a microphone and his loop station and that's all. Start listening and before you know it, you've forgotten that it was all made with just his voice. Zac is a St. Louis-based, alt pop, one-man show.

He would not be here without the support of his dedicated fanbase and wants to thank you for investing in and enjoying his music.

"Every moment McMillan is behind that microphone, he sets himself loose." - Fengxue Zhang, NPR Music